Two words that comes to mind when describing Craig are “Commitment”  and “Compassion”.  Craig’s daily commitments do not stop with his family and community, but also extend to his passion for the law and the constitutions of our state and nation.

A devoted family man, Craig and his wife, Lauriann,  have three children and six grandchildren.  Met and married in Las Vegas 31 years ago, Craig has supported Lauriann in all of her educational and personal goals throughout their marriage.   Lauriann, a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, is currently expanding her educational goals pursuing a genetic coaching certificate.

Craig is a loving, caring and supportive father to his three children. When the children were young, he enjoyed scouting activities with his sons as they worked toward their merit badges and other achievements.  He enjoyed supporting the children in various educational, sporting and orchestra events, as well as, other events in the community.  He is extremely proud of the adults that they have become, the spouses they married, and the grandchildren they gave him.

 He grew up in Philidelphia, PA. His parents are first generation Americans; children of immigrants who left their countries to escape intolerance and war. They worked hard, and passed down their pride in America and their work ethic to Craig.  Their loving marriage of 51 years was an example of utter adoration, compassion and endurance. Watching his father care for his disabled mother all of her life, Craig witnessed an amazing example of the traits of devotion, patience and caring.  

Craig was a devoted son and caregiver to his father for the last ten years of his life after his mother passed.  Craig understands what it is like to care for a parent with chronic illnesses and the toll that it can take on a family. 

Other members of Craig's household include Shanti the Great Dane, Mr. Fitz the cat, five ducks, and an 85 gallon aquarium.  He also supports wild birds with the "free lunch program" installed by Lauriann. 


When not on the bench, practicing law, or serving his community, Craig’s hobbies include listening to music, reading, and cycling.  When time and the opportunity permits you may also find him camping, hiking or traveling with his wife and dog throughout the many scenic vistas that Nevada provides.



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